Thursday, 4 October 2012

Frog Spawn Punch and EPIC Weeding

Mum came out for the wedding and she brought with her a magazine from their supermarket, Morrisons, because it had some Halloween recipes she thought I might like to look at. Particularly the Frog Spawn Punch (If you have a look at their online mag here, then go to page 4 and click on the picture of the punch, you'll find the recipe - actually it's a bit weird but they have extra recipes on the site than in the print magazine so that's cool).

Rhiannon came up to help me do some weeding today, so we had punch during our lunch break

I can see why someone looked at a kiwi fruit and thought, "Frog spawn."

Mum and I talked about leaving out the jelly, but then found vegetarian jelly crystals and I was able to proceed as normal. Although the jelly was clear so I added my own colouring.

Lots of lovely froth.

A rare excuse to use not only the cocktail glasses but my Halloween glass charms.

I don't actually like kiwi fruit and I felt personally that it tasted too much like kiwi fruit. But Rhiannon assured me it was good. On his return from work, Bennie liked it too.

Looks like it's on the menu for my Halloween Craft Party. I think I will find a second punch recipe (perhaps something orange?) that I do like to go with it.

The actual weeding went well. Today's mission was to rip into the Blue Periwinkle in the back. I'd had a bit of a go at it, and discovered chicken wire hampering my efforts and temporarily given up, slaughtering another Agapanthus instead.

Before shot, with one slight dent made by my previous efforts:

After about 3 hours of work. We reached the trunk of one of the trees! I don't feel these photos do justice to our epic battle.

But we also uncovered a lot of things (in addition to the chicken wire) - a section of pipe, a broken toy spanner, a nasty-looking spider, some rope, some string, a piece of metal that looked like it was once part of some play equipment, a golf ball, and a crazy twist of metal wire that is still in there. Looks like more epic battles will be required.

Cheers! We earned this punch!


  1. we sure did earn that punch - I have scratches all over my arms, shoulders, and, oddly, one side of my lower back.

    1. Ok I had to google Japonica to find out that it was spelt Japonica, so I could say "Naughty Japonica" and that reminded me that Mum had said it was also called "flowering quince" - those fruits we found were it's own fruits!!

  2. Well done on the weeding AND the punch. Glad it worked out! Mum

    1. Thank you for the recipe! It's a winner.